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Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

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This bundle is only available this one time. I am getting rid of all of my heat transfer vinyl. There are a few extra pieces I am adding in free because I could not find what they are called to add them to the listing. I tried to match the colors as best as I could so if some names are wrong, I apologize.

9x12 Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Black
1 Blue
1 Light Pink
2 Red
1 Blush
2 Fushia
1 Green

12x12 Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 of each
Patriotic Ombre
Ugly Sweater
Autumn Floral
Retro Rainbow
Retro Floral
Ombre Sunrise
Grassy Daisies
Musically Inclined
Coral Floral
Leopard Tan
Paint Splatter
Dusty Floral
Pink Terrazzo
Unicorn Sky

8x12 Siser Sparkle:
1 Silver Sword

9x12 Pearl Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Moonlight
1 Mystic
1 Rainbow Pearl

8x12 Glitter Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Autumn Plaid
1 Mermaid Wishes

12x7 Sister Stripflock Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Burgundy
1 Light Pink

9x12 Siser Twinkle Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Rainbow

9x12 Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Silver
1 Bronze

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Neon Blue
1 Dark Walnut
1 Orange
1 Red
1 Gold

1 Champagne
1 Lagoon
1 Emerald
1 Jade
2 Black
1 Rainbow Coral

Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl:
1 Lavendar
1 Lilac
3 White
1 Melon
1 Light Pink
1 Flamingo
1 Passion Pink
1 Orange Soda
1 Bubblegum
1 Texas Orange
1 Charcoal
1 Vegas Gold
1 Green Olive
1 Green Apple
1 Lemon Yellow
2 Cream
2 Sunshine Yellow
2 Red
1 Sky Blue
1 Royal Blue

1 Jade
1 Light Pink
2 White

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